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Non-Credit Certificates

Jumpstart Your Career

In alliance with Southwestern Oregon Community College's non-credit training certificate program, we are excited to offer a gateway to the resources of college. These non-credit training certificates provide documentation of skill attainment for many entry-level culinary positions. Employers are increasingly seeking ways to document competencies and job skills, and many companies value a workforce credential over academic documentation for initial job placement as well as for promotion or advancement. The focus of providing these certificates is to help you gain the necessary education you need to begin or continue a successful culinary career.

Each culinary training certificate is issued through Southwestern Oregon Community College. For consistency and relevancy, all non-credit certificate courses are reviewed and approved by SOCC on an annual basis. The end result is a powerful and affordable step towards reaching your career goals in the culinary industry.

Which Courses are Non-Credit Certificate Courses?

When visiting the course catalog, look for the blue certificate icon. This icon indicates that a course is a non-credit certificate course. All non-credit certificate courses are approved for CEH toward ACF certification or certification renewal.

What is the Difference between a Non-Credit Certificate and a Confirmation of CEH?

Non-credit certificate courses provide access to the resources of college, resulting in a relevant workforce credential that can be used to document your educational advancement. While all courses at are approved for ACF continuing education hours for certification or certification renewal, non-credit certificates give you that extra validation to help jumpstart your career.