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ACF Certification

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Description of Certification from the ACF Website:
Differentiate Yourself: ACF Certification adds value to the certificants, employers and the public. With thousands of chefs competing in the job market, it is essential to prove your culinary competency. Benefits of ACF Certification:

At, we provide 30-Hour Courses, 8 Hour Refresher Courses and Essential Foodservice Concept Courses for ACF certification and certification renewal. There are additional fees required to pursue certification with the American Culinary Federation (ACF). These fees are payable directly to the ACF, and a breakdown of these additional fees can be found here: ACF Certification Cost Estimates

Below you will find a detailed breakdown of each level of ACF certification, sorted from entry-level to executive. In addition to the certification level information, we have provided many of the links to documents created by the American Culinary Federation that you will need in order to work through your certification with the ACF. The ACF has provided a one-sheet PDF document of this information as well, and can be accessed here: Certification Requirements.

We look forward to serving your ACF Certification education needs. If you have any additional questions regarding ACF Certification or the courses provided here at, start a LiveChat on this page. Or, visit our contact us page and give us a call, send us an email or a direct message.

Cooking, Baking and Pastry Professionals | ACF Certification Requirements

Personal Cooking Professionals | ACF Certification Requirements

Culinary Administrator | ACF Certification Requirements

Culinary Educator | ACF Certification Requirements

Exceptions for Practical Exams for all levels EXCEPT CMC® and CMPC®: If you have been awarded a Gold or Silver Medal in either and ACF F-1 or F-5 Individual Competition or WACS Hot Food Competition within the past 5 years or Team USA member participating in IKA or World Cup in past 5 year, then you are exempt from taking practical exam.

Recertification - CEH Requirements

In order to recertify, the ACF has outlined specific Continuing Education Hour (CEH) requirements for the various certification levels. The guidelines for required CEH's are as follows:

Please note: 25% of your CEH must come from volunteer, leadership, or competition activities effective January 1, 2020 for all levels except CFC, CFPC, CC, and CPC.

Total CEHs must include a refresher course in Sanitation every 5 years. Refresher courses in Nutrition and Supervision are only required during your first recertification. If you are in need of refresher courses and additional CEHs, please visit the course catalog to find the continuing education hours you need.

You can download the current ACF Certification Renewal Application and Recertification Fees from the ACF Website here: ACF Certification Renewal Application | ACF Recertification Fees