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Stackable Credentials

Start Here. Get There.

Our primary focus is workforce education and training, and each of our courses cover a variety of key concept areas in professional cooking. No matter what your background, we are here to help you serve your current and potential customers more effectively. From front of the house staff wanting to understand nutrition or management, to your kitchen getting the fundamental education they need, we have you covered. We believe that the more you learn, the more valuable you become as an employee, and the further along you will be in your culinary career. Our courses will provide you with a solid educational foundation, and allow you to continue to enhance your professional knowledge in a relevant, convenient and economical way. Let us help you jumpstart or elevate your cooking and culinary career.

What are Stackable Credentials?

Stackable credentials are part of a sequence of education accumulated over time to build up an individual's qualification to help them move along a career pathway or up a career ladder to potentially different and/or higher paying jobs.

Stackable Credentials

Our students work to accumulate credentials by completing various levels of coursework required by a variety of credentialing agencies and associations. These courses help individual students move along a chosen career pathway. Each pathway consists of a clear sequence of coursework and/or other credentials that support skill attainment and employment. Certificates, badges and certification are examples of stackable credentials that help document your journey.

Culinary Credential Pathways

A variety of associations and agencies offer credentials for meeting specific education/coursework requirements, and in some cases, work requirements. We have identified specific culinary related credentials that provide clear pathways for our students, and have listed these credential opportunities from entry-level through management. The agencies, credentials, and coursework offered through to pursue each are listed below: