Differentiated Instruction - Reviews

Course Reviews

"When I was looking at the list of options online for classes, I was excited to see this course being offered. It seems that differentiating instruction has always been a challenge throughout my teaching career, but has become more so of a challenge as special education requirements change, curriculum demands become increasingly rigorous, the amount of children with attention difficulties seems to increase year after year and budget cuts cause the phasing out of specialist teachers.
Thank you for offering such a complete, concise and user friendly class for educators. This is the kind of learning I like best; reflective, meaningful, easily applied and at my own pace. I am walking away with knowledge I have used and will continue to use and well as practical applications for my classroom, the dream of all teachers. Can't wait to share with my colleagues!"
-- M.A. from Illinois

"I have enjoyed taking the Differentiated Instruction Refresher course. This course has provided a good refresher of what differentiated instruction is, why it is important, and has had some good suggestions for ways to better differentiate in a classroom setting. While I have always known how important differentiation is, it is very easy to get caught up in teaching to the middle students in a classroom while the lower and higher students often get left out. After taking this course I feel that I have several new strategies to implement into my classroom to better differentiate learning for my students."
-- S.M. from Ohio

"The class really helped me understand how my anchors can fully extend student learning and engagement. Instead of treating these as an after thought to ensure that early finishers "stay busy" I can take a little more time to ensure that these valuable teaching tools meet and extend learning objectives.
Differentiation has been one of the most intimidating aspects of teaching such a wide range of ages, grades, and ability levels. The strategies I learned in this class will help me support myself to grow as a teacher as I practice the different techniques to see what works and what doesn't for my situation. It also helped me by identifying the differentiation strategies I already employ and by giving language to the nuances of this valuable pedagogy."
-- B.S. from California