The Gluten Free Alternative - Reviews

Course Reviews

"The class on The Gluten Free Alternative was very educational and enlightening for me. I now have a more thorough understanding of not only the differences in gluten free foods but most importantly the need for education on the severity of the reactions folks could have if items , food menu items etc. are not handled and properly prepared. The class and the visit to the restaurant ( eye opening experience ) definitely puts a new perspective on how as a professional Chef in this field look at this allergy that a lot more folks have moving forward. I will continue to educate myself and staff on the importance of gluten free as well as the outcomes of what could happen if we are not on top of what we do each day. "
-- J.M. from Pennsylvania

"This course provided me with a considerable amount of useful information about gluten intolerance and has changed my previous assumptions about gluten-free diets. I have learned that a gluten-free diet is essential for many people. I previously believed that eating gluten-free was a trend, but now I have learned that it is in fact a legitimate dietary change needed to improve the health and well being of many people."
-- A.M. from California

"I am truly enlightened by the extensive knowledge with which this course has provided me. Coming into this, I thought gluten to simply be a wheat allergy and a fad diet, however, my eyes have been opened to a whole world of struggles experienced by the gluten-free community."
-- J.F. from Goergia