Vegetarian Concepts - Reviews

Course Reviews

"I've been educated greatly about the vegetarian lifestyle and their special needs. There are so many different types of vegetarians, I never knew there were so many. Learning about the new laws for nutritional labels was very eye opening. I didn't realize that there were so many requirements by the government about what is put on labels. This class has helped me understand the world of vegetarianism better. Having family members that are vegetarians has been challenging for me in the past. However, I feel more prepared to cook for them in the future. "
-- C.I. from Maryland

"Even though I have experience cooking for vegetarians this course went in depth and taught me some new perspectives. For instance I learned more about the different religious aspects including the practices of Seventh Day Adventists. I also learned more about the different complete and incomplete proteins and the possible health risks involved with the vegetarian diet. A subject I have always been interested in. Along with that is the way the body absorbs certain nutrients. I was surprised at all of the health benefits of soy. I will definitely incorporate that into my menu more along with combining whole grains with legumes. Overall I found the course very helpful."
-- P.P. from New Jersey

"I freely admit that before I took the online course on vegetarian concepts, I knew very little about the subject. Most of what I know about vegetarian eating has come from colleagues, students, and friends. The assumptions that I had formed about the subject were mostly false. Ideas like, "vegetarians have to struggle to get enough protein," or vegetarians have to meticulously plan every meal of the day," represented the scope of my knowledge on the topic. When I finally completed the online course, I found that I have learned a lot of new and interesting facts, terminology, resources, and general information about vegetarianism and how I can use it in my daily work."
-- J.A. from Florida