What Great Teachers Do Differently - Reviews

Course Reviews

"I really enjoyed this course and learning about what makes a great teacher. It has made me reflect on changes I can make with my behavior management and ways to support students through positive relationships rather than just seeing my students as learners of math or receivers of scores on state assessments. The way this course focused on the relationship part of teaching and not just grades and demonstrating an understanding of the curriculum was important to me."
-- C.R. from Oregon

"As I reflect on the learning I accomplished during this class I feel affirmed in what I have done and continue to do as a teacher and coach. I focus on the positive and model that to students and teachers. I reflect daily in what I have done when teaching students and coaching teachers. As a leader in my building I work side by side with our principal to do what is best for students and teachers. My goal is to continue to do that and not become sidetracked or distracted by the emphasis put on standardized testing. We work hard at my school to do whatever it takes to meet all the needs of the students. In just the past two weeks we have had two families lose parents/grandparents who were the head of their households. We've had one family lose everything in a fire and another pair of siblings watch their mother be arrested and taken to jail. Not once did we say, "How will this affect them academically?" Instead, we said, "How can we support these families emotionally and physically in the coming days?" And for that I am extremely proud to be a staff member at my school which is full of great, effective teachers."
-- C.S. from Kansas

"I believe the framework provided in this course should be included in required training for all school staff (including service personnel, teachers, and administrators). This framework helps schools build solid learning environments by strengthening the overall foundation."
-- T.A. from West Virginia