Implementing HACCP - Reviews

Course Reviews

"The Course really did a good job explaining the flow of food and all the things at every point you needed to think about to make a HACCP plan. It also did a great job showing how to apply a HACCP plan by showing recipes of hot and cold food and a step by step process to look at each food item to be able to see what was really involved in planning for you restaurants HACCP plan. The flow charts really made it easy to understand."
-- J.S. from VA

"During this Implementing HACCP course I have reinforced my beliefs, and will be able to use my extended education in this course to better control and monitor food flow in my kitchen. While I already use HACCP controls in my kitchen, they can be improved on. Identifying all critical control points in our food production areas, we can, as a team prevent food borne illness, before it occurs. Better record retention in regards to corrective action can be focused on in our HACCP notebook. I learned better teaching methods so that when teaching HACCP to my groups, to keep them engaged in training. Eye contact, team building, participation, and keeping things brief and efficient will lead to improved learning."
-- P.G. from NY

"Taken what I have learned and implementing it at my location would be rewarding in many ways. These charts are giving us the tools to monitor and assurance that we are closer to minimizing bacteria. Implementing the charts and training of staff how to record accurately will give them a sense of understanding how they can control and prepare food safely."
-- L.J. from NY