Food and Beverage Cost Control - Reviews

Course Reviews

"What a great refresh on managing costs from all points of my operation. This class has certainly opened my eyes to new ways of looking at cost control. The class has energized me to be more focused on controlling costs ahead of time rather than reacting to costs as they rise."
-- P.J. from Tennessee

"I was surprised at how much useful information I have taken away from this course. I have been a culinary manager for over a decade and I have been responsible for not only attaining cost goals but also building budgets.  I thought that this would be a waste of my time.  I have already changed my thinking on almost all of the topics discussed and have made a few implementations that have proven to be valuable already.  This has made me a better and more knowledgeable Chef and Manager."
-- A.T. from Missouri

"The course is laid out with a good flow making it easy to understand the operations from concept to forecasting, then moving on to purchasing / receiving and into managing the actual costs. I believe this makes it much easier for managers with little understanding or previous experience to quickly learn the concepts of each task and the necessity they each play in a successful operation. "
-- R.C. from Missouri