Introduction to Food Preparation - Mise en Place - Reviews

Course Reviews

"After completing the Introduction to Food Preparation - Mise en Place course, I now understand why preliminary cooking is so essential in the food service industry, as advance preparation often requires precooking and flavoring of ingredients to make them ready for use in a finished recipe."
-- B.P. from Pennsylvania

"This course has shown me the importance of planning and mise en place as a tool to optimize the work, handling and maintenance of knives and the basic techniques required in food preparation. I hope in my work, from now on, to apply the techniques of marinades and put into practice vegetable cuts that will undoubtedly give more presentation to my dishes."
-- J.M. from New York

"I found most of the ideas (in this course) very enlightening. I will be able to use all this information while managing my kitchen staff as well as menus. Overall, I felt this was a very helpful introduction to food preparation."
-- A.T. from Michigan