Culinary Nutrition and Wellness - Reviews

Course Reviews

"I was pleased to see how much I learned from this Culinary Nutrition course. I now know that in order to sustain life,you need to be in control of your nutrition choices. The best way to do this is by always reading the nutrition labels on all products. This way you can better serve your customers by evaluating the food items you purchase for your business. I know that i need supporting documentation from the NLEA to put a claim on menued items. Keeping my customers informed of all products by posting nutrition facts in my place of business. This course was a great building block for me to take with me on my journey to become a Chef."
-- P.H. from Florida

"This has been a very enjoyable and knowledgeable course. I feel I have learned a lot of information that I can take with me into the kitchen and also into my future. I'm surprised by how much I knew about nutrition before taking the course. I was already pretty well informed about macro- and micro-nutrients, and I already knew a good bit about BMI. What I wasn't too familiar with was how to read a nutrition label and the breakdown of the information found there. I am very interested in experimenting with healthy, nourishing food that tastes good. I think incorporating the knowledge I received from this class can be a big benefit in my cooking. The idea of adding nutrients to the food by using the vegetable cooking liquid really intrigues me, and I cannot wait until I get to try out a few combinations like using kale cooking liquid to make tomato sauce or using mushroom soaking liquid to make a detox soup (I have actually used this one; it provided an interesting flavor)."
-- V.H. from Louisiana

"I have worked in food service and have learned concepts I had no idea about within this course. The big take home from this course for me is the overall balance of flavor with nutrition and function of food. This concept allows food to take on another dimension when food tastes good and you feel good eating it after has the best thing I have ever experienced. Growing up on processed foods and fast food, health food seemed gross. The only exposure was the processed "health" food. One can make great food that is healthy."
-- J.W. from Indiana

"I have a greater awareness of how important it is to really provide a healthy menu, clean establishment, courteous and knowledgeable staff, to accommodate my customers for the best restaurant or hotel experience that they could possibly have. The customers are are always number one in evaluating a food establishment, hence keeping a great place running, while paying occupational expenses, and labor. This also goes hand in hand with a good morale. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class."
-- R.F. from Florida