Culinary Sanitation and Safety - Reviews

Course Reviews

"I must say that, in addition to the fact that on-line courses are a revolution in continuing education, your program is one of the best I have seen and it was a pleasure to take this course. (did I really say that about a hygiene and sanitation course?) Thank you!"
-- J.H. from Florida

"This course was very informative. I learned things I didn't know, learned more about things I already knew about, and learned about what I can do to change the things I have been doing wrong. This course has opened my eyes to many different things, I have learned a lot and will be implementing what I have learned not only at work but at home as well."
-- S.B. from New Mexico

"This course helped me fully understand what could happen if food is not prepared and handled properly. The new concepts that I will now integrate in my teaching are the proper ways of Purchasing, Receiving, Storage, Pre-prep, Cooking or the heating process, Holding Foods, Service or Distribution, and what should be done with leftovers. All ideas presented on the course were very interesting. I gained more confidence working and supervising people at work because I can answer them with their question in mind "why we do it this way?" It's all about Food Safety."
-- E.M. from Massachusetts

"As with any class it is always good to review things that you "know" yet again. Each time, I walk away with something new or just a reminder of how important food safety truly is to the outcome of the finished product. No matter how beautifully plated or well prepared a meal is for the customer, if it has gone through unsafe handling prior to arrival to the food establishment or during prep, the meal can quickly become a nightmare for the customer as well as the establishment. The major take home concepts for me out of this course is additional record keeping as a preventative measure. I also appreciated the HACCP portion since the corporation is currently review a concept expansion into wholesale bread production. The support material for the flow chart was tremendously helpful and straightforward."
-- T.J. from West Virginia

"I enjoyed taking this course. With this subject matter being of utmost importance to me, I found this course very insightful and helpful in elevating our standards even more. What was very interesting to me was learning about the 6 different factors most influential in the growth of bacteria.."
-- P.W. from Colorado