Culinary Supervisory Management - Reviews

Course Reviews

"Overall I found this course to be very informative and enlightening. With the vast level of diversity one encounters in the food service industry, it is necessary to take a step back and consider the employees themselves in order to continually improve the overall quality of your organization. Better productivity is a direct result of better management. I look forward to incorporating the ideal that people power, not robot power, is our only choice."
-- T.E. from Washington

"I found this course quite helpful and informative. There are many concepts and tools that I will be able to use to help my career as a manager. I`ve already made a written mission statement outlining who we are as a team, what we`re trying to achieve and how we plan on getting there together. I`ve refined our review process for newly hired cooks that clearly states our expectations and also opens our doors to them for any way that we could help them get where they would like to be or achieve in our industry. I think the main concepts of the course, team building, how to be a leader, developing quality employees, how to communicate effectively and also the various legal issues associated with managing a kitchen/restaurant, will all be very useful. I think anyone in the position of culinary management could gain something useful from this course and hope my associates follow my suggestion to enroll."
-- S.B. from Arizona

"This was a interesting course for me. It helps me to understand how to become a good manager. I take a lot of everything and I keep studying as much I can. I think that this course have to been taken more often for all the Chef because is so interesting and important for our careers. I very proud to have been taking this course. Thanks for this amazing knowledge that you give me."
-- C.R. from Florida