Beverage Management - Reviews

Course Reviews

"This was an excellent course; well-written, thorough, and easy to navigate through. Thank you very much for providing such an informative and enriching experience which will be an excellent resource for me as I continue to grow as a Food & Beverage Professional! "
-- M.M. from Florida

"The information in this course was definitely eye opening. First off, I'm a history buff and to have learned about the the origins of various alcohol types, how they're made, where they're from, and their palatable uses, was really interesting. Also, while I don't currently have a full service bar, or wine program, the knowledge gained from this course, especially in creating a wine menu, and the mixology of spirits, will be of great value should we acquire our liquor license, and move forward, in the future."
-- T.V. from Arkansas

"This course really gave me a better understanding of the beverage industry as a whole. I have worked around and in the industry for some time now including the service, restaurant, packaging, and retail aspects of it. It really opened my eyes to the various applications within the industry and how they tie into the restaurant industry. I also learned a lot about the bartending aspect of it, which I used to love doing."
-- J.K. from Georgia

"I will definitely integrate the information learned in this course within our dining room service class. I do feel that a deeper understanding of the beverages that we drink, serve and cook with should be appreciated for the time and craft that went into the creation of our favorite beverages today."
-- J.W. from Virginia