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Course Reviews

"I'm incredibly thankful I took this course, it has helped me realize that it is okay to wait until I feel comfortable/prepared enough in my business plan.  I have learned through this course, however, to stop procrastinating otherwise I will not meet my goals.  I will also apply breaking down my big goal into small attainable goals to work up to the "light at the end of the tunnel." First step, finish the business model, next set my time frame.  I can't wait to start this new adventure thanks to this course!"
-- L.B. from Arkansas

"This for me was the course that I enjoyed the most, probably because I did not know much about (entrepreneurship), and learned a lot from this material."
-- P.G. from Texas

"Inspired by this course, I have already started creating my business plan and putting all my ideas on paper. I have also bought the book of the instructor of this course to read more in depth about the entrepreneurship spirit along with the another book that was advised to be read."
-- F.A. from Toronto