Creating Your Culinary Career - Reviews

Course Reviews

"This was a great course about how to promote yourself and how to land your dream job."
-- J.H. from Kentucky

"It's been a few years since I've had to interview for a job.  This course help shed some light on new ways to go about being the interviewee and the interviewer.  All the reservations I had were discussed and a way of dealing with them were explained in depth.  I am confident that I will be better at both when (the) chance comes around."
-- N.B. from Louisiana

"Learning about the various types of resumes was new for me. I will be certain to make my new resume be a hybrid of chronological and functional as this may be the best format for me. By far, the best information I read was how to prepare for interviews! I was not aware that there are 6 types of questions and that I may be asked a question that doesn't make any sense to see how I react to it. I will be most certain to pass this onto my students!"
-- A.C. from New Jersey