Food Safety and Sanitation - Reviews

Course Reviews

"I found this course to be very well organized and informative. My favorite section dealt with food contamination and the organisms involved in food borne illness. The importance of hand washing and gaining an understanding of the food code were very important concepts. I did not realize only 5% of the survey group washed their hands according to CDC guidelines. The flow of food from purchasing to serving and the seven steps of the HACCP was a very informative section. Customers insist on safe food and could destroy a business if an illness broke out harming diners. The importance of using accurate thermometers and caring for then were important points. I found the section on cross connectors a very important consideration. Dealing with and removing biofilms and testing the sanitizing solutions were also important topics. Pest control and safety in the kitchen were well covered and informative.
-- J.W. from Pennsylvania

"I enjoyed this refresher more than I have in the past. I felt it was much more informative and thorough than some I have taken in the past. It's nice to be able to teach my students and staff about things I learned many, many years ago when I was coming up the ranks, such as FATTOM. It's also beneficial to be able to show them what HACCP is, how it is used and how to set-up and implement procedures. (I worked for Legal SeaFoods for a few years and was trained on HACCP back in 2000) I didn't understand it very well but have a much better grasp on it today. As I stated earlier, I really enjoyed this refresher and after 28 years in this industry and 12 as a CEC, it's nice to see / learn some new things and be able to get some interesting information to teach and pass on."
-- A.P. from Florida

"One of the most important messages I take away from this class is, on how significant it is on the insightful training of employees on food safety, cross contamination, food storage, preparation of food, knowing the meaning of labeling terms used in food and basic principles of hygiene. On learning this information, my focus will be more on daily training with my employees."
-- A.P. from Florida