Supervisory Management - Reviews

Course Reviews

"Wow, there is a lot of information to be processed in this supervisory management course! First off, some of the most important points I was reminded of are: employees are the single most important resource; different management styles work better with different employees and it is the responsibility of the chef manager to figure it out and then find efficient ways to individualize management within the workday and workplace; people have been studying worker motivation, behavior and how to get results for a very long time with very differing concepts; managing and leading are different and the manager who learns how to lead will be most effective; good methods of employee appraisal should be developed and in place before any evaluating takes place. Whew, these are just a few on the many concepts this course had me thinking about. Perhaps the single most interesting area for me was the discussion of rater bias and subjective vs objective evaluation techniques. The chef manager also has to keep his/her emotions in check at all times. Emotions have no place in employee appraisal and evaluation. And perhaps another (!) single most important point, managers can't motivate employees, only employees can motivate themselves; it's the manager's responsibility to find ways to tap into this to get the best result from employees."
-- S.H. from New York

"Its amazing how much a person forgets. I appreciate doing this for the simple fact of refreshing my memory, and gaining some new knowledge.With the levels of management (top, middle, and supervisory) which we use here at the club to reading the keys to managerial success was helpful as well. I love the four steps in training method, tell, show, do and review, I'll definitely put this to action. An area that I think many of us struggle is communication, as for me it was the most difficult chapter in this whole test. So thats telling me something. With the formal and informal communications, know that no way is better it really depends on the person giving the communication and the person receiving it. "
-- D.H. from Missouri

"Taking this management refresher course has really benefited me a lot. I am glad to have reviewed all the principles outlined in this course. Over the last six and a half years I have owned and operated my own restaurant. It is easy to get into a routine and forget the basic principles by which we all should work. I feel that I have been very successful because of adhering to the standards which have been reviewed."
-- L.E. from Florida

"The supervisory managementcourse was unexpectedly beneficial, albeit just a refresher. I expected cursory information and retention, but found a great deal of specifics that will be beneficial general knowledge and good reference material. The specifics are what I find and will continue to consider as most useful from this course."
-- N.C. from Michigan