Self-Paced Courses

Each self-paced online ACF chef certification course has been authored by professionals in the culinary education industry. We work with these course authors to create the framework for each course, and publish each course using our proprietary software designed by our parent company, Ingrain, Inc. All courses go through a review process twice a year, and are approved by both the American Culinary Federation and Southwestern Oregon Community College.

The contents of each course have been created using a modular structure. This structure contains course elements consisting of content modules, quizzes, projects, a final learning statement and a final exam. Content may consist of text, video, audio or illustration in order to deliver key concepts to students. It is required that each student work through each course element one step at a time within the sequence created by the author of the course.


As students work through each module, key elements of the course content are unlocked. At the end of each module, students must pass a module quiz in order to unlock the next module. If a project is required within a module, it is unlocked through the module at the time the project is delivered. Once all course modules have been completed, passing a final exam is required in order to complete the content portion of the course.


When a project is unlocked, students may begin creating a reflection. This reflection can be saved as a draft and revisited at other times. Once the student is satisfied with the reflection, it is submitted to the instructor. Once the instructor accepts the reflection, that course element is considered complete.

Final Learning Statement

When a student has successfully completed all course content, and all project reflections have been accepted, the final learning statement for the course is unlocked. Following the same protocol as with project reflections, the student must submit the final learning statement, and wait for the instructor to provide feedback and/or accept the statement as complete.

Upon meeting or exceeding the standards of each course element, in the designed order, the student will have completed the course.